The POPE Professional® AM-401 active DI Box unit includes phantom power and battery supplies as standard. The unit is housed in a rugged steel extrusion case, with robust polyurethane end-cheeks which give the AM-401 a very distinctive look. Input connectors are both 1/4" jack sockets and an XLR socket, the latter meaning that the AM-401 can be used to convert unbalanced signals to a balanced output on XLRs throughout.

The arched case allows cables to run back underneath the unit from the end for neat cable management. Input attenuation is 0, -20 or -40dB, making the box suitable for instrument, line or amplifier levels on inputs. On the output side, a ground-lift switch is provided for quick solutions to ground-loop problems. The AM-401 uses an enhanced version of the same audio path as the AR-116, now regarded by many people as a reference standard. The sound quality is legendary, particularly on acoustic and bass guitars.

Numerous applications can be satisfied by the AM-401. For example, as well as the traditional guitar use, the AM-401 can be used with keyboards, DJ consoles, amplifier outputs, and other electronic sources. An additional bonus is the ability to use the AM-401 as an active balancing device.



Model AM-401
Article No. #10007
Class Active DI Box
Input Impedance 1M Ohm (pad at 0dB)
47k Ohm (pad at -20dB)
47k Ohm (pad at -40dB)
Max Input Level +9dBu (pad at 0dB)
+29dBu (pad at -20dB)
+49dBu (pad at -40dB)
Connectors Two Parallel 1/4" jack connectors and a parallel XLR connector (unbalanced)
Jack Tip Hot (+ve)
Sleeve Ground
XLR Pin 2 Hot (+ve)
Pin 1 & 3 Ground
Output Section
Output Transformer Balanced
Max. Output Level +8dBu into 600 Ohms or greater
Connector XLR3-32 or equivalent
System Performance
Distortion (THD) < 0.005% at 1khz, 0dbu output
Noise < -105db unweighted, 22hz-22khz, rms*
Frequency Response 30Hz to 20kHz (+0dB/-1dB )
Main/Standby battery 9 volt PP3 type, preferably alkaline.
Current drain on phantom - less than 7.5mA
on battery - less than 2mA
Phantom Power +20 volts DC to +48 volts DC
Dimension 59 mm x 124 mm x 143 mm
Weight 0.65 kg (1.4 lbs) excluding battery